Why You Should Date a “Quirky Woman” Like Jess From Unique Girl

Although Saturday Night Live has made fun of Zooey Deschanel using their hilarious “Quirky Girls” sketch, I’m glad that smart, weird, off-beat women like Deschanel, Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey are ultimately obtaining their particular set in the limelight. It’s really no key that i am a huge brand-new female fan – I like the endearing characteristics between most of the buddies and Winston’s obsession with kitties and puzzles. However, most importantly I like just how much we associate with Jess’s wacky antics.

Although I am not just like Jess (I really don’t put on polka dots or have a bunny shaped new iphone 4 case), I am able to relate genuinely to the woman – primarily because I’ve usually regarded as me a lot more of a “Jess” than say, a “Serena Vanderwoodsen.” I’m not the fantastic “it” lady that each guy desires, I’m the wise, specs dressed in, a little off-beat woman that a select few possess advantage of loving. I am the Veronica, maybe not the Betty. First and foremost, I’m pleased with exactly who i’m. Perform dudes like weird women? Well, they need to!

Never ever dated a self-proclaimed wacky lady? Here’s a few explanations why we rock –

1. We Will give you the best gift suggestions –

Consider it: we’re the type of person who features a mobile phone case molded like a bunny rabbit. It is extremely difficult for us to buy you a boring gift. Instead, quirky girls are often extremely creative and tricky. We’ll hit e-bay to find that classic GI Joe toy you always wished as a kid, bake you a cake and likely pick-up that hand made product from Etsy that you never ever understood you needed as yet. In either case, date you and you should never receive a bag of tube socks and something special credit to Outback Steakhouse from united states to suit your birthday – unless it is element of a more sophisticated inside joke.

2. We like you are wacky also –

Among coolest reasons for having matchmaking a wacky woman is that you do not have to hide the quirks. In reality, we likely chose to end up being along with you because we had been interested in your own quirks. When you are with our company you might never need certainly to conceal the fact that you like vintage Sci-Fi books and 2Pac in equal measure. We would like one to end up being your self, which means you never have to forget of revealing your own nerdy, neurotic tendencies – probably, we are just like unusual while.

3. We’re not scared so that the nut banner fly –

Whether which is divulging our curiosity about one thing really nerdy and unknown, managing up to an awkward childhood minute, or getting dressed up in a ridiculous costume outfit to meet a sexual fantasy, we aren’t worried getting ourselves and try to let our very own nut banner fly.

4. You Don’t Need To act cool off all around, we are equally uncomfortable while –

You don’t need to be “Mr. Cool and secure” all around us. In reality, we like it any time you try to let the shameful side-show given that it causes us to be feel better about our own built-in awkwardness. Which means that you’ll be able to moonwalk away from united states and in addition we’ll nonetheless love you. We would also love you a little more.

6. We’re cool around meals –

I cannot talk for virtually any wacky girl here, but among the many situations i enjoy about Jess’ personality is that she does not shy far from meals. Whether she actually is cooking an excellent birthday celebration dessert for someone she cares about or consuming Chinese take-out, Jess is wholly unapologetic concerning the fact that she’s well-acquainted with carbohydrates. Therefore, yes – we eat tasty situations and require you to definitely do the same. That sounds like a Win/Win, correct?

7. We aren’t opposed to splitting into song-and-dance. A ukelele and an Elvis outfit may or may not be concerned.

Like Jess, You will find a practice of vocal to myself and dancing around the house (occasionally to songs that merely I’m able to hear.) I’m not outrageous, I’m just weird and get a love of musical theater. Us weird girls aren’t afraid to flex the music abilities – whether that implies letting loose at karaoke or dressing up as Elvis because we all know oahu is the best possible way we are able to make you feel better – dating a quirky woman means that yourself never will be without boredom and/or periodic ukelele solamente.

8. We All Know which we are –

Finished . I love a lot of about Jess’ fictional character would be that despite beingachingly vulnerable and unfortunate crazy, she understands just who this woman is and do not wavers thereon. She wears her quirks as a badge of honor and understands that loving such things as polka dot gowns, peter cooking pan collars and cupcakes doesn’t create her any a reduced amount of a bad-ass. We’re girls just who survived high-school by going out in the artwork place and joining crisis club. Now that we’re grownups, we have the hell from which we have been. Which is very awesome when you consider it.

9. Existence with us has never been dull or boring –

We’re wacky. We’re weird. We knit things. We love activities. But beneath all of the selfmade scarves and impromptu music shows, we’re loyal, compassionate and are alson’t afraid to take the possibility on really love. Aside from becoming smart and adorably odd, nothing features actually come an easy task to us in daily life, when we would get a hold of the “Quirky Guy” we realize to not ever let it go.